Surprsing facts about depression

Forms of deppression

So here’s the thing with sadness. People think that sadness is misery, that it is a point in our lives where we feel down and pessimistic about life,  however people fail to realise that sadness and depression can in different forms and different shapes. Depression is not just feeling angry, lonely, or sad. Sometimes it can be a numbing feeling where you don’t feel anything at all, as if though there’s nothing to look forward to or questioning what the point of it all is, an existential crisis.

There’s an interesting study that’s been done that shows that people from developed countries tend to be more depressed tend to be more sad compared to countries from less developed regions.

Why people are depressed

It comes down to having something to fight for having him meaning of purpose in our lives because people from  less developed regions want a better life for the family they want to be able to provide for the family so they have something to fight for it so they have something  that gives them a meaning.  it’s interesting to note that lot of rich people are depressed and sad compared to poor people because they  have everything they need have everything  that they could want.

In essence, they have more time to think about life they have time to ponder about what it’s all for what’s the point of life what’s the meaning of life and the more we ask these deeper questions, the scarier and depressing it can be. Busy people who are going about their lives don’t have as much time to worry about existential questions, so busy people are in sense less depressed.

The thing a lot of people are scared of is not having anything to do, to be alone with your own thoughts. Even when people are dying to have a vacaion and not want to work a single day in their lives, when they actually achieve that, it’s a different story. 

Things that help depression

However once you go deep down, once you go into your soul and discover who you really are then you start to realise the true purpose the true meaning of life. While it can be a different purpose for everyone, the process of living your purpose is what matters. The reason why billionaires such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk and other iconic businessmen keep working if they don’t need to is because they love the process of work they love the process with the meaning behind whatever it is they  are doing.  It’s not for the money, but it is the purpose of bringing value to the people bringing goodness to the world.

Looking out to mountains

If we are to live a purposeful life if we are to live a life that is meaningful we have to do things to make other people happy they gives value to other people that gives you a sense of completeness a sense of purpose within yourself. Try volunteering for charity, spending a few days working at a daycare, or teaching people less fortunate for free.

While that is the first step, in order to find your calling, usually you have to go through many different trials and errors. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to know what you want to do from a very young age, however not everyone has that knowingness. Hence, it’s very important to make small mistakes from time to time and learn from your experiences to truly know what you want to do.